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What is Serenissima?

Serenissima is an ancient Venetian word that means most peaceful and prosperous. Serenissima literally means "most peaceful" and we have come to see that it is one of the best equivalents of the word shalom in the Italian language. It was also the historic name of the 1100 year reign of the Venetian kingdom. This is significant because it is not only a powerful and popular word throughout the regions of northeast Italy, but it also embodies the concept of a prospering people. Therefore, Serenissima is often viewed as "the Italian dream" for the northern regions.

The mission of the Serenissima Ministries has been to show a new Serenissima which is embodied in the very person of Jesus Christ. He is our "shalom-kingdom", our Serenissima. Below, you are invited to see some of the highlights of the new Serenissima and the story that Jesus is writing through our lives and across this land. We call it, The Serenissima Story.