Planter Profile: Franco & Priscille Tartari

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Matt 9:37-38

Franco and Priscille Tartaris with their three children Samuel 12 yrs old, Noah, 9, and Noemi 5

Franco and Priscille Tartaris with their three children Samuel 12 yrs old, Noah, 9, and Noemi 5

Meet the Tartari Family!

Serenissima Ministries has been blessed to send one of our own families out to plant in a nearby town called Azzano Decimo. Franco and Priscille have been a part of Serenissima over the last 6 years, and we are delighted to share the new church was inaugurated in May of 2018. The new church is called La Quercia Chiesa Biblica (The Oak Bible Church).

Recently, Serenissima interviewed the Tartari family to help us get to know them. Here is a portion of their interview:

SM: What are two big blessings of becoming church planters?

Tartari Family: Receiving a new heart aching for people without Christ and a heart aching for towns without healthy churches.  Also, sharing in the incredible moment (it sometimes takes years) of joy when a non-believer finally opens his heart to Jesus and cries out to receive grace.

SM: What have been two big faith lessons or trials of becoming church planters?

Tartari Family: Realizing that even if it is in our roots to plan ahead, God is feeding us one day at a time, and it is not about us.  We are also facing strong attacks of the enemy through our own parents and family, and this is a huge challenge as we see their hearts getting harder.

SM: Why is Azzano Decimo precious to you?

Tartari Family: Azzano is the town half way from Fontanafredda and Portogruaro, two cities we have been praying for years to see where the Gospel can shine bright. It is the first town where we realized how few biblical churches there are in Italy.  There has never been a Christian church in this town even if the land has been inhabited since the stone age.  Where will the word of God be preached? How can we ask people to live after God's teaching if there are no believers around to witness a biblical life lived in communities of faith? How will the future generation love this town if there is no love for God? We believe there is no greater love then to teach our kids and all their friends the good news of the Gospel of Christ.  As the younger generations and families are lost,  we pray God will bless Azzano with revival. 

SM: What are your plans and goals for the first year while church planting?

Tartari Family: Finding balance between the needed flexibility of new formal community and the stability in our family.  We also want to strongly bond with the brothers, sisters, and family members of the core planting team to assure a shared commitment, transparency and Godly vision for this new church so that we can all serve Christ together with one mind following the teachings of Acts chapter 1 and 2.  We also want to see the new church become a new voice in the town that redefines the concept of a biblical church that is based on the teaching of scriptures instead of the old traditional and cultural inheritance. We want to do this by participation in the life of our town through daily witnessing. 

SM: What are some specific prayer requests?

Tartari Family: Salvation and growing in the faith for non believers we have been discipling through the last nine months.