Serenissima Highlight: Jonathan Gilmore

Meet Jonathan Gilmore

In this highlight, we interviewed Jonathan Gilmore who is our Italian national director for Impatto (“Impact” - Acts 29 Italia). Jonathan a.k.a. “JD” has been a great inspiration in the field of church planting for Serenissima. Around 8 years ago, Rob and Jonathan connected and initiated the plan for Percorsi in Italiano. This was a project designed to translate, produce, and distribute the Crosslands materials (formerly Porterbrook) for churches seeking good theology in Italia.

From that project, our national network of Impatto was formed of which Serenissima has been very involved ever since. In this interview, Jonathan speaks about the relationship between Impatto and Serenissima. Both of the entities help each other to grow and effectively aid in the planting of gospel-centered churches in Italia and beyond (for example, now in Albania and Spain).

This interview lasts a little longer at 10 minutes. However, you will see and hear about our philosophy, our methodology, and also the new church plant which Jonathan is leading down in the city of Palermo, Sicily.

We hope you enjoy listening in to another aspect of gospel ministry in Italia. Please add this new church plant to your prayers, too!

For Computer or Tablet Viewing:

An interview with Rob Krause and Jonathan Gilmore about Serenissima and Impatto. This version is best viewed on computers and tablets.

For SmartPhones:

Video interview with Rob Krause and Jonathan Gilmore in 2018. This video is best viewed vertically on cell phones.