New Baptisms 2018

New Baptisms in 2018

July 29th was a special baptism Sunday for the Serenissima family. With the heat and humidity at their peak, it was a blessed surprise to see so many people come out to the ceremony. For many, it was the first time they had ever witnessed a baptism like this.

I had tears in my eyes because I have never heard people cheer for God like that!
— a visitor to Serenissima's baptism ceremony

One of the ladies who works at the facility we utilize for our baptisms called her husband and said, "This church is doing their baptisms again, and it's wonderful. Get dressed, I'm coming to get you; you have to see this." She drove 20 minutes to her home and back to bring her husband. Another visitor said she began to have tears in her eyes when everybody cheered for each person being baptized. She said, "I have never heard people cheer for God like that." She went on to tell us that her friends often mock and insult her because she believes in God. Another Muslim man was watching this special Christ proclamation and loved it. Afterward, he had a conversation with one of our leaders about what it might be like if he were to be baptized. 

These are just a few of the stories which emanated from the poolside on 29 July in northeast Italia. Below are some pictures of the six who were baptized that day. They came two-by-two-by-two. There were 2 Italians, 2 Africans, and 2 Americans all proclaiming the 1 Lord Jesus together. Praise the Lord for his ongoing work at Serenissima!

Please click through the pictures below and pray for these new brothers and sisters.