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Project groupings is an easy way to organize the work SMGI is doing into specific areas of ministry.  Think of projects as "buckets" that we place supported ministries into.  Organizing SMGI activities and ministries in this way allows:

  • Easy management of ministry areas which align with SMGI's purpose and mission
  • Donors to contribute money directly to a focused area of ministry
  • Auditable and traceable accounting of funds, from donor through to delivery

All projects and project groupings are reviewed annually by the SMGI board of directors to ensure they align with the purpose and mission of the organization.  For more about SMGI and it's purpose and mission, click here.

See below for all of our open ministry projects

smgi church planters project

This project supports workers who have committed to plant churches and/or ministries that fulfill the scope of our association.  We have active church planters throughout Italy and the European continent.  Money donated to this project will support church planting activities, to include the discipleship of leaders to plant churches, the establishment of Gospel Communities in unreached areas, and ministry expenses associated with new church plants (facilities, materials, outreach, people, etc.).

To support a specific church plant project, click below:

Tre Trieste - smgi church plant project

Serenissima bible church - smgi church plant project

Eglise Connexion Paris - An SMGI partnership church plant project

Stephen and Naíme Phillips, Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain - SMGI Church plant project


Acquisition of Italian Ministry Center

For several years now, the Serenissima Bible Church in Fontanafredda, Italy has been in negotiations and proceeding with acquisition of their ministry center.  In addition to the purchase price and taxes for the facility itself, there are a number of expenses associated with the acquisition process.  Donations to this project will help acquire the ministry center, which also serves as home base for a number of SMGI ministries in Europe.


general ministry assistance

Donations to this project will support the most pressing ministry need of the organization as well as activities that advance SMGI's mission.  This includes the purchase of ministry materials and execution of ministry and outreach events.


porterbrook ministries project

SMGI has partnered with the Porterbrook Network to translate and bring Porterbrook Bible training and discipleship materials to non-English speaking nations.  Donations to this project help fund translations, ministry projects and events focused on this effort.  To learn more about Porterbrook, click here.



Thank you for becoming a part of the team and supporting SMGI with your online gift.  All donations given to SMGI are given with the understanding that the SMGI Board of Directors has full discretion of how those funds are utilized or designated.  In accordance with SMGI's Guiding Principles, all attempts will be made to honor contributor preference.

Serenissima Ministry Group International is a 501(c)(3) organization. 
Your contribution is deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.