Serenissima Ministry Group International (SMGI)



Who We Are

SMGI is a non-profit organization (501c3), registered in the state of Arizona, USA.  SMGI was founded in 2007 to fulfill a call God placed upon members of the board to seek, grow, and support ministries that advance the Gospel around the world.  We are a family of Christian workers dedicated to the advance of the Gospel into every nation, discipling the church to all its fullness, and developing materials as a legacy for coming generations.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of SMGI is to follow the Great Commission of the Bible by strategically planting churches worldwide, by selecting and supporting missions personnel and projects both nationally and internationally, and by the production of training materials, courses, and works that enhance the ministry works of the organization.

Our Mission

To carry out our purpose, we adopt the following tri-focused mission (and accompanying goals) to inform and guide our efforts and partnerships:

Accountable, decentralized, & synergistic missions to the world

  1. Provide a legal and provisional vehicle for the US based missions workers to accountably fulfill their calling.
  2. Assist either American missions workers or National workers to legally establish ministries in their country.
  3. Partner across all Churches and nations to underwrite missions and projects.      

Discipleship of workers who will plant and serve the church

  1. Formally discipling their character and leadership skills.
  2. Shaping the depth of their Christ-centered worldview for greater cross-cultural impacts (Christ must have pre-eminence).
  3. Building their ministry with the principles of the Serenissima small group and discipleship models.
  4. Teaching them core modules that Christian seminaries and colleges currently offer.
  5. Preparing them to view their entire nation strategically and how to partner with others to reach it.

 Production and Publication of Materials

  1. Develop and collate materials according to key themes of the Vision that He is speaking to the church.
  2. Shape materials to be user friendly and international for better comprehension and translation.
  3. Sponsor publication projects into various nations that are like-minded and strategic.


Our Statement of Faith

Our Guiding Principles


SMGI Board of Directors